Leslie Locklear ~ Polarity Therapy

308 3rd. Street
Crested Butte, CO 81224
(970) 642-0940
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"Leslie has a real gift for healing work. Applying her techniques with a soothing, natural confidence. She has a distinct intuition of where to go with what approach. Through Leslie’s work, my range of motion in a severely frozen shoulder has been restored." Margaret Nelson, Tesque, NM.
Polarity Therapy is a Healing Art that can help you with the problems and challenges of your daily life. It is a physical and energetic “hands on” form of bodywork. Developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, a renowned Chiropractor, Osteopath, and Naturopath, it incorporates the East Indian Ayurvedic system, treating your energies, emotions, and spiritual and physical self. By integrating Polarity protocol with a trained, intent awareness, Leslie works toward facilitating the connection with the life-force within you. This connection carries the potential to increase vitality and release physical, emotional, and energetic blocks.
Leslie Locklear’s Polarity Therapy Bodywork incorporates Reflexology, Crainio-Sacral, & Intergraded Energetic Trauma Resolution. Polarity Therapy is a physically aligning energetic form of bodywork. By incorporating Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic Touch and attuned awareness Leslie accesses the clients nervous system to assist in the release of trauma stored in the Physical Body. This system of bodywork is a powerful source for clearing the Chakras (or auric fields). Polarity Therapy relieves physical pain, balances emotional upset, and opens energetic blocks.
Leslie is a Registered Polarity Practitioner with the American Polarity Therapy Association and is extensively trained in the Polarity form of bodywork, nutrition, exercise and communication. She graduated with 672 hours of study from The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. Certified in 1997, she now has 75 hours of Continuing Education. An active resident of Crested Butte for over 14 years, she has been practicing Polarity Therapy here since 1997 and teaches a 16- hour course of Introduction To Polarity Therapy to students at Colorado Certified Massage Schools.

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