Crested Butte Mountain Biking: Trail 412, 405.2a, 405 & 409.5A or Point lookout

Information & Conditions: Trail 412, 405.2a, 405 & 409.5A or Point lookout

Updated 6/14/16

Status: Good to Go!

Current Conditions: June 14th. Good to go but a bunch of down trees. Hope to get on these soon.

Detailed Description:

These trails link up with each other to make any number of combination's of rides. A look at a map will take some of the confusion out of my description. These trails aren’t easy and involve a lot of climbing and some really technical rocky areas. The best way to ride these trails is from Cement Creek Road.

Ride up Cement Creek Road. Just after you pass Pioneer Guest Cabins, there is a singletrack on the left. It’s more fun than the road and less dusty. Stay left when the singletrack forks, then cross a creek and climb shortly to join a rough dirt road, Walrod Gulch.

Climb steadily up Walrod Gulch. Pass a singletrack on your left, Walrod Cutoff. (this one of your choices to return later or a shorter loop back to Cement Creek Road). At the top of the road, ride uphill to a signed singletrack, Walrod Gulch Trail. Right is the Warm Springs Trail which heads back to Cement Creek Road.

Hike your bike up the steep loose hill and then roll along the great Walrod Gulch Trail. Climb steadily up a small creek drainage and cross the creek a couple of times. At a “Y” intersection turn hard left onto the Walrod Spur Trail 405.2A, and keep climbing. (Right at the “Y” leads to 405.3A and Waterfall Creek Cutoff). Ride straight ahead, onto Trail 405, Doubletop, at the top of the hill. Contour and climb through meadows and aspens, and spin through some incredible wildflowers. After another climb through the conifer forest, stay right and pass the old closed section of 405. Continue less than a mile to the new Point Lookout Trail.

Here you have several options: Stay right onto 409.5A. This is a great downhill rush through the aspens that eventually bottoms out on trail 409 in the Farris Creek area. A left on the Farris Creek Road takes you back toward Strand Hill for more singletrack; or down to Brush Creek Road, where a left would take you back to town. A right on Farris Creek Road would take you to Farris Creek Trail or 402.

Or go left and down the awesome new Point Lookout trail, and go left to return to Cement Creek on Trail 409 either by way of the Caves downhill or back to Walrod on the Walrod Cutoff.Right on 409 is newly repaired and excellent technical riding back to Farris Creek.

Lots of folks have been riding from Farris, up 409 (mostly rideable now!) up Point Lookout and down 409.5A for a great moderate length loop from Brush Creek.

Trail descriptions and updates courtesy of The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Holly's Ride Guides, and The Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association. Trail Reporting Software and maps ©2000-2022 Thin Air Web. All rights reserved.

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